Aldert Kamp

Director of Education Aerospace Engineering
(+31) 15 278 5172
(+31) 6 21842198

Aldert Kamp is the Director of Education for the highly international Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of TU Delft since 2007. He is deeply involved in the rethinking of higher engineering education at university level with a horizon of 2030. More than 20 years of industrial experience in space systems engineering and almost 15 years of experience in academic teaching and educational management have given him the insight in the capabilities engineers need in the future world of work of the 21st century, and how to make this happen in engineering curricula. Since 2017 he has been a fervent blogger about adapting engineering education to change (

Aldert has been involved in university-level education policy development, reconstruction of engineering curricula and audits of Dutch and international academic programmes. He is the Academic Liaison for the Global E3 network, Co-director of CDIO since June 2017 and TU Delft Leader of the Dutch 4TU Centre of Engineering Education (CEE) that facilitates innovations in higher engineering educational programmes within and outside the Netherlands.

He is also involved in the Educational Leadership Course produced by the Erasmus University Rotterdam, TU Delft and University Leiden as a board member and trainer.

Member of CDIO since 2011, CDIO Council since 2013, CDIO Co-director since 2017

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