CDIO Academy and CDIO Cup

What is the CDIO Academy?

The CDIO Academy is an opportunity for engineering students that are active at CDIO institutions, to showcase their design-implement projects, meet their peers from engineering programs around the world, and participate in workshops and plenary sessions presented by prominent leaders in engineering education.

How to participate

The CDIO Academy is held each year at the international CDIO conference and it is a student conference within the larger conference, with presentations, design-implement experiences, and a juried design project exhibit.

The CDIO Academy invites teams of engineering students to participate in the conference and to submit innovative design projects to the competition. The format changes from conference to conference and there are different kinds of assignments every year.

Competition Criteria

Design projects should have been completed within the previous academic year and not showcased at a previous CDIO Academy. The project may be an innovative design of a product, process, or system.

The projects has to meet the following selection criteria:

  • Is relevant to the design project theme

  • Demonstrates a design-implement product, process, or system

  • Demonstrates two or more phases of the Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate approach

  • Has the potential for practical application

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the context to which the project applies

  • Provides evidence of effective teamwork

The award

The team project that best meets the selection criteria will be awarded, except the glory and fame, the CDIO Academy Cup; an award to bring home and an engraved plate on the CDIO Cup, kept by the CDIO Office at Chalmers.

Find out more

Information about the academy can be found at the International CDIO Conference websites.

Last CDIO Academy took place at the 13th International CDIO Conference in Calgary, Canada June 18-22, 2017

Before that in Finland at the 12th International CDIO Conference June 12-16 2016.

Upcoming Academy

The 14th International CDIO Conference will be held at Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT), from June 28 to July 2, 2018.

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