Terry Lucke

Senior Lecturer, Civil Engineering

Dr Terry Lucke has been involved in the civil engineering and construction industries for over 20 years. Because of his extensive industry background, Terry knows how important it is for engineering graduates to have practical engineering skills, as well as a sound knowledge of engineering principles. As such, he incorporates many experiential learning and project-based learning activities into his teaching wherever possible. Terry is extremely passionate about engineering education and undertakes significant research into improving the effectiveness of engineering education to improve student learning outcomes. In 2013, Terry was fortunate to have the quality of his teaching recognised at the national level by the award of an Australian Government, Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) Teaching Citation. OLT Awards for University Teaching are designed to recognise quality teaching practice and outstanding contributions to student learning.

Terry has been involved with CDIO for a number of years now and USC became a member in 2013. He is currently the CDIO representative for Australia and New Zealand. 

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